Whether you are a survivor, caregiver or one of our community partners, you will find a variety of resources to assist you. Lotus takes a proactive approach to sexual violence, child abuse and neglect. We focus not only on crisis response but also on prevention training and education. The following articles and resources you find will help no matter where you are on your journey to healing, justice or understanding.




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Survivor StoriesUnmaskedThe Mask She hoped no one would recognize her mask. Her friends were confident; she only wished she was. She did all she could to mask her thoughts about herself. She had been silenced, and when she did use her voice, it wasn’t acknowledged....

Survivor Stories: She is Called Worthy

Survivor Stories: She is Called Worthy

Survivor StoriesShe is Called WorthyShe looked into the mirror, but found no reason to smile back at her reflection. She didn’t see a woman worthy of being heard or loved. Sometimes thoughts of suicide came, anxiety took control and depression always seemed to weigh...

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